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The Nazis stormed into the house of Stanislavsky Lech Black Kenny Golladay Jersey , who was Jewish, herded the entire family out at gunpoint, packed them into an overcrowded train, filled with the stench of death and despair, and sent them to Krakow.

Then, before his eyes, Lech saw his entire family shot. Somehow, he managed to live from one day to the next, in a numb Black Teez Tabor Jersey , oblivious, zombie-like state. Impatiently, he awaited his own death. But one day, he realized, that his own death was not an unavoidable truth. He could, in fact, do something about it: he could make an attempt to escape.

Once he had made his decision, he didn't know how to execute it. He only knew one simple thing: his decision was irrevocable, and Black Jarrad Davis Jersey , somehow, he had to find a way to act on it.

As the weeks passed into months, he interrogated his fellow prisoners. ?How can we escape?? he would ask. He became a nuisance, an irritation. ?It's hopeless,? they would echo. ?Stop hurting yourself,? they would plead. Some would abuse him openly; others would turn away in silence.

In turn, he rejected their answers, their silences, their overbearing despair. There has to be a way Black Kerryon Johnson Jersey , he told himself, and I will find it. This is my revenge: by surviving I will prove that the Nazis aren't invincible and that they don't have complete control of our wills and that they can't do what they like with us.

Each day he would run a dialogue through his head. ?Today I choose to escape from this nightmare. I will not continue to be a victim. I will not accept these conditions. I am a man, with rights and dignity, and I will, so help me God, find a way to let the whole world know about what is going on here. I will escape. There is no doubt in my mind. How can I escape today, perhaps right now? There is a weakness in their security.

They cannot watch us every minute. There is something I need to find, and I will find it today, something that I have overlooked Black Frank Ragnow Jersey , something that will bring me freedom. There is a weak link here, somewhere. I will find it.?

The urgency of his question pounded on his heart and mind every waking moment, and it followed him into his dreams.

Then, one day, as dismal as any other, he saw what had been before him all along. The Nazis would let the corpses of naked men, women and children, shot because they were too weak to work in the labor camp, pile up on the ground before a truck would come and haul them away. With typical efficiency Black Marvin Jones Jr Jersey , the truck would only come when there were enough bodies to fill it up.

Hiding behind a bush, he stripped off all his clothes, then dived into the mound of corpses. He lay still, pretending to be dead, the nauseating odor of death all around him. He lay there for a day. More corpses were thrown on top of him. He did not flinch. Finally, the truck came. Rough hands pushed his inert body into the truck.

In the truck, many more hours of horror passed. Finally, his body was dumped into an open grave.

He waited until nightfall before climbing out.

The sweet smell of night, the fresh breeze Black Golden Tate III Jersey , filled his lungs as he ran twenty-five miles to freedom.

9 Product Naming Tips Marketing Articles | February 1, 2006
A brief overview that will help guide you through the subtleties of product naming. You?ll learn the importance of choosing a name that?s unique and benefit oriented, without being confusing or offensive?with some amusing examples of naming gaffes. You?ll also learn why fads, abbreviations and tongue twisters should be avoided. And why the name you ultimately choose must protect your company?s image.

Product naming is a key aspect of branding. The name you ultimately choose will reflect who you are, your company?s personality and vision. But more importantly, it must unforgettably embody the promise of your product?s main benefit to your potential customers. It can dovetail generically with your competition, but ideally, it should stand out from the crowd. Where to begin? Here are some basic guidelines.

If the field?s too crowded, be unique

MSN Search Black Darius Slay Jr Jersey , Netscape Search, AOL Search, they all stayed in the same category, so you could play it safe and go with Stupendous Search or Super-Duper Search. This works for a time, but as soon as the field gets too crowded, you?ll be lost in the mush of sameness with ever diminishing name recognition. If you?re in it for the long haul, better to break away from the crowd with a name like Google, Yahoo, or even Dogpile (though I?m not a fan of going into the scat category just to be unique). Even Kinkos?the founder's nickname (he had kinky red hair in school)?is different enough to be memorable.

Avoid tongue twisters

There?s a little part in all of us that hates to be embarrassed. When we ask for a product or talk about it with friends Black Matthew Stafford Jersey , we want to sound literate and not fumble over pronunciations. So be kind to your potential customers and avoid tongue twisters, or any name that?s unusually long or foreign sounding. If you can?t find a single-word name, don?t go over two or three syllables.

Alliteration can help with longer names

Okay, so the president of the company likes all the longer names on your list. You can make them more memorable andor easier to pronounce by using alliteration. Consider Circuit City (originally, the incredibly bland, monosyllabic, Wards). Or Downtown Disney, Or the most famous brand in the world, Coca Cola. All four syllables Black Ziggy Ansah Jersey , yet they roll off the tongue with surprising ease.

Avoid abbreviations

Abbreviations lack personality and communicate very little in terms of benefit or brand character. Sure, IBM, MCI and ABC have big recognition and identity, but they also spent years and millions in virtually all media to promote their image?using images of people and situations that were warm and fuzzy. Even billionaire Bill Gates chose Microsoft . [url=http://www.wholesaleshoesforsale.com/]Wholesale Nike Shoes China[/u

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